4. A sunbeam gained

    This amazing afternoon spotlight effect behind the station won’t last long, if memory serves. But the effect of having those brilliant splashes of green lit up in such an ugly place is amazing while it lasts.

  5. A sunbeam denied

    I mentioned the other day that street-level construction at Rosslyn means my beloved spring and summer sunbeam is not making it into the escalator tunnel anymore. This is what it looks like now with the barriers up around the top of the well; here’s how it has looked in the past.

    I really miss that sunbeam.

  6. Earth Day.


  8. little-detonator asked: Do people ever notice you're taking a picture? If so, what do they do? What do you do?


    People notice all the time. Sometimes they’ll wave or give a thumb’s up. This woman thought it was hilarious. Most of the time, if someone notices, they’ll just look away again or go back to playing with their phones. Plus there are often a lot of tourists taking photos in the Metro, especially in spring, so some guy with a camera doesn’t look out of place. 

    I almost never interact with people because I don’t want to change their behavior, but I don’t hide what I’m doing. Everyone can see I have a camera around my neck, taking pictures. Every once in awhile someone will ask what I’m doing and I am always eager to explain. One of the Rosslyn station workers approached me last year and I pointed out the incredible sunbeam that used to come into the upper part of the escalator — though sadly it’s all closed off now with construction. 

    Only two people have ever asked me not to take their photo, so I didn’t. One guy who was walking past just stopped and politely asked me not to, so I said no problem.

    The other was crazy man on his way down the Rosslyn escalator … he was wearing this great Tom Landry hat and was carrying a James Bond, nuclear codes-style briefcase, so I brought up my camera to take a snap. He became enraged and swept up his briefcase to hide his face, then began yelling at me in heavily accented English. He may’ve been from some foreign country where people are much more suspicious about having their photo taken. I laughed and waved at him, but he clearly did not think our encounter was amusing.

  10. Up on U Street, vol. 2