1. Gulp

  2. Guardrail

  4. Is “symphony of shadows” too much? What about “scherzo of shadows?” 

  7. Sorry, sorry, I know this is against the rules, but

    Things I love about this photograph:

    1. This woman totally lost in her own thoughts as she 2. eats a quick snack on her way toward the Capitol and 3. steps into the last sunbeam of the day coming into Union Station. 4. The splash of red in the guy’s shirt on the right and his 5. “C” baseball cap — Cleveland? Chicago? — as well as his 6. left hand pointing downward at our heroine’s 7. left foot, which made me look twice and wonder 8. is she about to step out of her shoe? In real life she did not and was able to keep in step behind the 9. guy in the dark suit just ahead of her and not bump into the 10. person using an iPhone in step behind the guy in the red shirt. 

    11: The sense of symmetry and solidity of this moment within a moment, which actually elapsed at 1/640th of a second.

  8. As urban rail transit expert Sir Michael P. Jagger once said, “May the good lord shine a light on you, Metro riders.” 

  9. Dupont is damp

  10. So long, you ray of light.